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Pool Sanitizer Tablets - 50 lbs

Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean with In The Swim's 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets - 50 Pounds of Powerful, Slow Dissolving Tri-Chlor for Optimal Sanitization!

- Long-lasting: The slow-dissolving formula of these tablets means that they last longer than other types of chlorine treatments. This can save you time and money in the long run, as you won't have to add chlorine to your pool as frequently.
- Convenient packaging: The tablets come in a 50-pound bucket, which is convenient for those who have larger pools or who want to stock up on chlorine tablets for the season. The bucket also has a handle for easy transport and storage.

In The Swim 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets are the perfect solution for keeping your swimming pool clean and healthy. These tablets are individually wrapped and slow dissolving, providing a consistent release of chlorine for up to a week. With 90% available chlorine, these tablets are highly effective at sanitizing your pool water and killing harmful bacteria. The tri-chlor formula ensures that the tablets are stabilized, which means they won't break down in sunlight or heat. This makes them ideal for use in outdoor pools that are exposed to the elements. With 50 pounds of tablets in each container, you'll have plenty of product to keep your pool clean all season long. So, if you're looking for a reliable and effective way to sanitize your swimming pool, try In The Swim 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets today.