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C3 Chlorine Tablets for Pools and Spas

Keep Your Pool and Spa Sparkling Clean with C3 3 Stabilized Chlorine Tablets - Individually Wrapped for Easy Use, Slow Dissolving for Long-Lasting Protection, 50 lbs for Endless Fun!

- Effective at killing bacteria: The stabilized chlorine in these tablets is highly effective at killing bacteria, algae, and other harmful contaminants in your pool or spa. This helps to keep the water clean and safe for swimmers.
- Easy to use: Simply add the tablets to your pool or spa's skimmer or floater, and let them dissolve over time. This makes it easy to maintain your pool or spa without having to constantly monitor and adjust chemical levels.

C3 3 Stabilized Chlorine Tablets are the perfect solution for keeping your swimming pool or spa water clean and clear. These tablets are individually wrapped for easy handling and slow dissolving for long-lasting sanitation. With a weight of 50 lbs, you can be sure that you have enough to last you for a long time. These tablets are designed to provide a steady release of chlorine into the water, which helps to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms. With 204550 tablets in each package, you can be sure that you are getting a great value for your money. Keep your pool or spa water crystal clear and safe for swimming with C3 3 Stabilized Chlorine Tablets.